Hi, I'm vinx and
I love foxes :3

I'm a hobbyist artist and I've recently started drawing digitally. It's been an amazing journey! Thank you for taking the time to view my artwork!Feel free to contact me via Twitter/Email for a price or quote!


Animated emotes

Sub badges

Twitch Scenes


To purchase any pre-made artwork, go to https://ko-fi.com/vinxdoodles/shop


Customized emotes and badges.
Unlimited revisions during sketch & line phase.
Custom quote will be provided for additional requestsReturning Clients receives 10% discount

Twitch emotes

  • $20 each | $55 for 3 | $85 for 5 | $160 for 10

  • Any additional emotes requested will be charged at a discounted rate ontop of the bundle of 10 or Bundles below

  • Animated emotes

  • Returning client with existing emote $20

  • New emote + animation $50

Sub badges/Bit Badges

  • Recolor only

  • $13 each | $45 for 6 badges

  • Variation

  • $13 each | $70 for 6


  • Basic Bundle | 3 emotes and 6 sub badges (recolor only) | $90 ($10 off)

  • Core Bundle | 3 emotes and 6 sub badges (variation) | $115 ($10 off)

  • Plus Bundle | 5 emotes + 6 sub badges (recolor) | $120 ($10 off)

  • Premium Bundle | 5 emotes + 6 sub badges (variation) | $140 ($15 off)

Twitch Starting and Offline Scenes

  • Prices depends on style and complexity

  • Starting from $50

  • Basic animation with the design ±$65

  • Discount applies for simple changes from one design to multiple scenes per changes

General info

  • Payment is by Paypal invoice only

  • Prices are subject to change

  • I have the right to decline your request and anything that I am uncomfortable with in drawing.

  • A 30% deposit must be paid upfront for the work to commence (non-refundable).

  • Full payment will be required after sketches are approved

  • Scrapped emotes for new sketches +$5 per sketch

  • Payments after the commission is finished are non-refundable.

  • Emotes will be sketched, any changes will be made during this phase.

  • You will receive work in progress.

  • Final designs for Emotes will be sent to you in the following sizes 500px, 112px, 56px and 28px.

  • Final designs for Sub badges will be sent in the following sizes 72px, 36px, 18px.

Terms of Service

  • I maintain the right to turn down any commission I feel uncomfortable doing.

  • All commissions are personal, non-commercial/non-profit use only. Do not resell or use my art as merchandise unless stated otherwise.

  • No refunds after the commission is finished.

  • I reserve all rights to my artwork.


A perfect mix between professionalism and a comfortable space to bring your ideas to life. As far as skill goes, there's not much out there better than Vinx.
- @aidancrim
Great service with swift delivery. Friendly throughout every revision and superb input into the design. Loved every moment of working with Vinx on my team logo design.
- @jmcloudburst
It has been an absolute pleasure working with @comfyvinx
! Not only, does she bring your ideas to life, she is always willing to help the creative process with her own input. Her professionalism is second-to-none. 100% would recommend.
[email protected]
Quality work, always willing to work with the client and their requests and requirements. Friendly and efficient work always completed to perfection. 10/10 would recommend for any artwork
[email protected] and @RebelMonkey2014
Is the best emote artist I've ever commissioned. Not only is her artwork amazing, but her professionalism and kindness really does go a far way. Will definitely be commissioning her for more emotes
[email protected]
Friendly and professional service - coupled with her obvious talent - leads to a comfortable walkthrough of the creative process when you need to define your brand.
- @noobsliceZA
Emote artists do not get better than Vinx. Her art is from another planet and her personality and professionalism makes her such a pleasure to work with!
- @forealziesXD
Absolutely fantastic customer service. Your requests and changes always feel welcomed. And not to mention the sweetest human to interact with12/10, would recommend
- @ThatsPrettyLouw